__ A reliable source of fuel and a dependable backup power generator are keys for disaster readiness

There are several options in the market for fueling a power generation system, including natural gas, diesel and propane.

Diesel generators are the most commonly used and, in many cases, have the lowest initial cost. However, systems based on diesel come with a number of important disadvantages. They require an on-site storage of potentially dangerous fuel and have lower availability in case of a real disaster; since hospitals, military and water plants are ahead in the line. Last but not least, diesel generators emit high levels of air and noise polluting elements.

The case with natural gas generators is different, advantages over diesel power generators include lower cost of operation and maintenance. Also, natural gas generators are very energy efficient and its source of fuel is the cleanest available. Greenhouse gas emission of carbon dioxide is minimal with a natural gas generator.

Natural gas is available during power outages, pipelines are located underground and are typically not affected by the weather or mechanical disruptions that cause outages.

Data centers relying on power generators based on Natural Gas are more efficient and reliable when facing a natural disaster, their source of fuel is piped directly to the generator, thus minimizing risks and increasing chances of an effective backup response when needed.

McAllen Data Center protects your business and the environment

In the event of a disaster, your company’s survival depends on the ability to replicate your IT systems and data. We understand your concern about power outages and we do something about it, our Modular Power System boast a rate of up to 99.9999% of reliability and our Remote Hands team is available 24/7. Yes, we also care about the environment by using clean energy, Natural Gas to be precise.

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