The new Customer Portal for real time circuit inventory and cross connect management, and a smartphone application for security access to our facilities are just a glimpse of what’s coming next year for McAllen Data Center.

Customer satisfaction has always been top priority for us, at the moment we have an average response time of 15 minutes to customers inquiries via mail or through the Trouble Ticket portal.

Customer insights into Innovation

The new Customer Portal will be available in Q1 2016 and includes several functionalities for easing inquiries to our team at McAllen Data Center, such as circuit inventory and cross connects management, remote hand requests and the ability to control security cameras located on our customer’s colocation cage.

Feel safe and trust McAllen Data Center

In addition to our Customer Portal, we have developed a new system for controlling access to our facilities in McAllen from the comfort of your smartphone. An installed application in your Android or iPhone device will now grant access to your personnel in our facilities, it has tracking features and registers every access in order to give you control and security, all the time.

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